Friday, April 11, 2008

Lake Cachuma Reservations

Basic site are on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis only! Limit one site claim per car. Site have maximum of 2 cars. Gate opens 7AM. Group sites are available for reservations but are $160/night (compared to the $60/night combined for 3 sites) and require a $25 non-refnd fee. The group site is huge (30 ppl and 8 cars). See magenta outline in image above. At that point we might as well invite more people.

So here are our options (assuming charged per day?):


Send three cars Friday to reserve three camp sites.
Site costs would be 3($20/night x 3 days)= $180
Per person cost(13)= $14
Car entry (one time)= $8


Try to reserve group site Barona Butte.
Site costs would be 1($160/night x 3 days) = $480
Per person cost(13) = $37
Car entry = $8
invite more people to bring per person cost down?

I'm willing to drive up Friday. Anyone else? We will be limited to 6 vehicles for three sites. So somehow we need to fit 13 people plus gear. We'll figure that out later.

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